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Air Compressor System

Air Compressor System


1. Our company is a professional air compressors system supplier in China. The air compressors system is a device that converts power (usually from an electric motor, a diesel engine or a gasoline engine) into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing air, which, on command, can be released in quick bursts. The air compressors includes high pressure air compressor system (7-10bar) that is used to blow bottles with high pressure and low pressure air compressor system (30-40bar) that is used to make blow molding machine to run.
2. Our company is a professional chiller equipment manufacturer in China. A chiller is mainly used to cool the moulds of blow molding machine, which will help bottles shaped fast and improve the production efficiency of blow molding machine.


1. High pressure air compressors:Capacity range: 1,000ltr/min/40bar~10,000ltr/min/40bar
2. Low pressure air compressors system:Capacity range: 1,000ltr/min/10bar~20,000ltr/min/10bar
3. air-type chiller
4. water-type chiller equipment


1. The protective devices of chiller have been set by us, so you should not need to change them.
2. When the chiller equipment stopped for malfunction, you should press the alarm button first and then check the malfunction after the alarm went off. You must have checked the trouble to use the humidification machine.
3. If not an emergency, please do not turn off the chiller by cutting power supply. If the device fro a long time without being used, please turn off the device first, and then turn off the main supply and let the water that is drain away.
4. Please keep the surface of the radiator coiled pipe clean and ensure there is a free flow of air around the machine with low temperature to make the air-type chiller with good heat dissipation effect.
5. Check whether the fan of the air-type chiller is turning in the right direction, if not, please change the direction of the power supply wiring.
6. Keep the room clean and airy. And clean the condenser regularly to keep the chiller running in normal.
7. The cooling water tower of water-type chiller equipment need to maintain cleanness, low temperature, a free flow of air, and avoid the debris into it reduce the cooling efficiency.
8. Please clean the cooling device after the chiller has been used for 6 months, which will cause the dehumidifier or high/ low tension switch break down. If you have done this for many times, you need pay attention to the diesel engine oil see if it is low pressure.


1. Please earth the ground wire of the machine to avoid electric shock accidents.
2. Do not press the chiller or put heavy object on it.
3. Ensure the cooling water pipe lock tightly and the cooling water can flow past.
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