Our company is a professional two cavity bottle blowing mold machine supplier in China. The bottles provided by our machine can still be used after it has been stored in the warehouse for more than one month. The machine is suitable for producing the bottles are directly filling or filling after socking for some time.



Max. Volume:



This kind of two cavity bottle blowing mold machine is mainly used to produce PET juice bottle, tea drink bottle, energy drink bottle, etc


1. This kind of two cavity bottle blowing mold machine with linear structure and modular design make the maintenance to be easy.
2. The man-machine interface control panel of this machine simplified the operation.
3. High pressure air recycle system can save about 50-60% high pressure air, which reduces energy consumption.
4. The machine structure is very stable, so that it has low noise.
5. Drawer mould-fix structure simplified the mould exchange for different bottle shape.
6. The two cavity bottle blowing mold machine with semi-closed heating structure can make performs heated evenly and reduce the rejection rate.
7. The filling temperature can be up to 95℃.


molding Clamping force 16000kgf
Clamping stroke 110mm
Stretching stroke 320mm
bottom stroke 50mm
Cavity distance 114.3mm
Number of cavity 2-cavity
container Max. volume 1.5Ltr
Max. neck diameter 38mm
Max. bottle diameter 90mm
Max. height 320mm
machine Size(L×W×H) 3000×2150×2500mm
Weight 3T
Theoretical output(0.5L) 1000bph
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