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  • FR-L10E
  • FR-L10E

    We are a professional linear blow molding machine supplier in China. Our linear blow molders are suitable for producing PET water bottle, carbonate bottle, middle temperature filling bottle etc....

L-series Blowing Machine


Our company is a professional L-series blowing machine manufacturer in China It is mainly suitable for producing PET water bottle, juice bottle, oil bottle, PET aerated water bottle, etc.



1. FR-L10E 
 Output: 18000bph Max. 
 Volume: 0.6L


1. Save energy
The heating of preform and blowing are on separate sections, so that the L-series blowing machine can save the waiting time of each section. The preform is heated intensively, as combined with the heating type of rotary machine, which improves heating efficiency. Meanwhile the high pressure air is saved by air recovery system, which can use for as the air supply for pre-blow and low pressure operation.
2. Save space
The preform feeding system of the L-series blowing machine is installed at the inside of the blowing machine and the intensively heating structure reduces the gap of preform heating. 
3. High efficiency
In the case of reduce energy consumption of blowing machine, we highly improve about 20% output and the overall energy utilization. 
4. The preform feeding system
The preform feeding system of the L-series blowing machine is single channel with fewer sensors, which is suitable for better feeding. 
5. Heating system
The intensively heating system with cooling device and cross ventilation can protect the preform neck from being out of shape. And the internal heat circulation in heating box greatly improves the heating efficiency of infrared heating tube and effectively reduces the energy consumption. 
6. Transfer system
The variable pitch device of our L-series blowing machine is controlled by servo motor to ensure stable and accurate conveying. 
7. Clamping system
The clamping system is controlled by servo motor to ensure synchronization, stable running and precise location. 
8. Recycle system of high pressure air
This system can save high pressure air as the air supply for L-series blowing machine that running under low pressure, and at the same time reduce noise and energy lost
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