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  • FR-2LW
  • FR-2LW

    This kind of semiautomatic PET bottle molding machine has 2 cavities. The machine with all-electric structure takes small space. Our bottle blowing machine is of low energy consumption, low noise and more stable....

  • FR-4LW
  • FR-4LW

    This kind of bottle making machine has 4 cavities. The machine with linear structure takes small space. The semi-auto preform feeding system can highly less the labor strength. Our semi automatic bottle making machine is used to produce PET jar, can, etc....

Standard Type Blowing Machine


Our company is a professional PET jar making machine supplier in China. This PET jar blowing machine is mainly suitable for producing PET jar, can, etc. The production capacity range is 1600-4000bph.


The theoretical output of this PET jar making machine is 1600-2000bph and the Max. volume is 1.5L.
The output of this machine is 3200bph, and Max. volume is 1.5L.


1.This PET jar making machine with linear structure and modular design lead to easy maintenance.
2. Our PET jar blowing machine only needs 30 minutes to change moulds for it is equipped with drawer mould-fix structure.
3. The machine equipped with safety protection device to ensure production security.
4. Customer can choose different perform feeding systems.
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